Tradition and modernity. About the Institute of Political Science, University of Warsaw

The Institute of Political Science, University of Warsaw is the oldest and largest political science research centre in Poland. Brought to life in 1967, it initially functioned within the Faculty of Philosophy only to become the biggest institute within the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies.

For many years, it has been the leader of independent rankings prepared by renowned socio-political journals. The Education Quality Certificate awarded by the University Accreditation Commission and the positive rating of the National Accreditation Committee granted to the field of study Political Science also confirm the highest standards of the Institute.

Attached to tradition and its beautiful history, the Institute of Political Science responds to the needs of modernity and boldly challenges the future. It is reflected in both the systematic broadening of the educational offer, introduction of new programmes and teaching methods as well as the foundation of the Centre for Political Analysis at the University of Warsaw.

The Institute's broad didactic offer currently covers already three independent fields of study: POLITICAL SCIENCE, NATIONAL SECURITY and EURASIAN STUDIES. As one of the very few academic centres, the IPS UW provides educational opportunities for undergraduate (BA studies) and graduate (MA studies) as well as postgraduate students. The Institute also conducts studies in English (Master's Degree Studies in Political Science) and Russian (Магистратура по специализации Политические науки). Within each field and mode of study, numerous specializations and majors are offered what, when combined with a wide choice of optional courses, language classes and attractive internships as well as the possibility of travelling abroad to the partner university under the Erasmus–LPP programme, enables students to felxibly and individually shape their study curricula.

Over 100-person strong scientific and teaching team of the IPS comprises outstanding specialists in the area of political science. Among them, one can find experienced researchers, analysts, commentators of the political scene and, above all, distinguished educators.

The unique character of the Institute of Political Science is complemented by the capital city location in the very heart of Warsaw. All classes are held on the main campus of the University of Warsaw, in buildings situated across Krakowskie Przedmieście Street (the headquarters of the Faculty) and at 67 Nowy Świat Street (the building of the Institute).

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