Internal Security Studies

For several years now, the importance of internal security and public order in the policy pursued by public authority bodies has been increasing. The sector of public administration as well as the economic and social ones need a qualified personnel to manage, among others, the affairs of the state and its citizens in the times of crisis or other threats, carry out various trainings (e.g. in the realm of local community safety, environmental safety, etc.) or to secure business activities. Responding to the needs of the labour market, the Institute of Political Science, as one of the first academic centres in Poland, decided to launch a new field of study – INTERNAL SECURITY STUDIES. Since 2012, these studies have gained a practical profile, due to which they are also a response to the need of improving professional qualifications of officers of different state services (e.g. police, border guard).

The educational profile is the answer to the demand for both the knowledge as well as the practical preparation in the sphere of national security and public order maintenance. The Institute of Political Science provides educational opportunities at the first- and second-cycle (full-, part-time and extramural) studies as well as it offers numerous postgraduate programmes.

The Institute of Political Science has an educated and experienced academic personnel, the representatives of which have been conducting intensive research on issues concerning national security for several years. The IPS scientific and educational potential is also enriched by the cooperation with other universities (including the National Defence Academy or the Police Academy in Szczytno) and other UW units. Within the framework of carrying out studies in the field of National Security, the Institute continually cooperates with the institutions and services that support the process of practical preparation of graduates for their future employment (among others, the Police Headquarters, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Border Guard or the Central Board of Prison Service).

The primary objective of educating students in the area of internal security is the realisation of the need for the specialistic knowledge and practical preparation of professionals (officers, officials, consultants) in the realm of state security and public order maintenance. The curriculum combines traditional values of university education, providing an appropriate theoretical and methodological background with the response to the need of educating in specialised, practical areas concerning the safety of individuals, community and institutions related to the functioning of public authority.

Graduate Programme in Security Studies

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