Political Science

Political science is a social science dealing with politics understood as the entirety of activities related to the exercise of political power, its function and role in social life as well as the theory of its organisation. The state belongs to the basic categories of this discipline. Political science describes its historical development, functions, character and the manner of functioning. It examines its structure and political regime. Political science also deals with the functioning of international organisations, characteristics of contemporary global issues, European integration, etc. At the national level, it focuses on such matters as administration, local government, political communication and, finally, the third sector and civil society.

For many years, Political Science has also remained one of the most popular fields of study (formerly, the term political sciences was frequently used). Its interdisciplinary nature makes it to be one of the most popular fields of study chosen by undergraduate students in both Europe and the United States. The wide range of practical specializations offered at the second-cycle studies, preparing graduates for the future professional work, makes graduates of the fist-cycle studies – not only in political science but also those holding a BA degree in other fields such as administration, sociology, journalism, international relations, economics or European studies – apply for admission to MA studies in political science.

The Institute of Political Science at the University of Warsaw, the oldest and largest political science academic centre in Poland is undoubtedly the Polish educational leader in the sphere of political science. Within the field of study POLITICAL SCIENCE, first- (BA) and second-cycle (MA) studies in all modes of study, i.e. full-, part-time and extramural, are offered. Another offer includes studies in foreign languages: English and Russian.

In order to maintain a dominant position in the scientific world, commencing from the new academic year, the Institute of Political Science has decided to introduce revolutionary and modern curriculum changes whose main premise was to enhance the attractiveness of the didactic offer. Since 2012, Political Science students individually shape their programmes of study by selecting three of the six specific modules, i.e. groups of subjects related to one of the subdisciplines of political science. It allows each student to exert a real impact on the nature of their studies and choose only these classes that are consistent with their interests! Consequently, the study programme in the field of POLITICAL SCIENCE realised at the IPS UW is the most modern and most attractive offer of this type of studies in Poland.

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