Scientific Research

The Institute of Political Science conducts research that focuses on ten key areas:

  • Research in the field of philosophy and political theory
  • Research in the area of sociology and psychology of politics
  • Research on modern political history
  • Research on the history of thought and social movements
  • Research on European institutions
  • Research on political systems
  • Research on state and public administration
  • Research in the field of political marketing
  • Eastern studies
  • Research in the area of internal security

The Institute of Political Science prepares expertises commissioned by state institutions and social organisations. The Institute employees serve as members of consulting and advisory bodies operating within the structure of central and territorial state apparatus.

The Institute of Political Science, University of Warsaw systematically holds scientific seminars which enable individual employees as well as research teams to present the results of their research work. It also actively participates in conferences organised by other institutions and scientific associations. In 2009, it also co-organised such an unprecedented event as the First National Congress of Political Science.

Furthermore, the Institute of Political Science, University of Warsaw partakes in international scientific cooperation. The framework of this cooperation is determined by bilateral agreements and the LPP–Erasmus programme. The IPS partners include primarily the corresponding university institutions in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Sweden, USA, UK and Italy. International contacts of the Institute consist essentially of: the exchange of researchers and students, scientific seminars, joint research programmes and participation in the work of international scientific societies. Researchers of the Institute deliver lectures both abroad and for foreign students in Poland.

In each academic year, the IPS organises numerous lectures which are delivered by prominent political scientists working for various scientific institutions cooperating with the Institute of Political Science. Academic staff of the Institute take part in internships abroad which enhance both the process of exchanging information as well as the implementation of joint research projects. Conferences and seminars, where problems that are challenging for contemporary social sciences are discussed, are a particularly significant form of international cooperation.

The Institute of Political Science, University of Warsaw is a promoter of conferring Doctor Honoris Causa degrees on world-known Political Scientists, inter alia: Professor Zbigniew Brzeziński, Professor Hans Jacobsen and the Italian President, Sandro Pertini.

The Institute's international cooperation also involves students who, based on inter-university agreements with universities in Berlin, Konstanz, Hamburg or supported by  scholarships from the LLP–Erasmus programme, attend partial studies abroad. Additionally, international student seminars are held, particularly those organised in cooperation with German universities. Since 1999, summer schools for foreign students have been functioning within the IPS as well.

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