Ogłoszenia dla studentów

W dniu 6 marca 2018 roku zajęcia z dr. Kamilem Mroczką zostają odwołane
2018-03-06 07:49:19

W dniu 6 marca 2018 roku zajęcia z dr. Kamilem Mroczką zostają odwołane

W dniu 6.03.2018 r. zajęcia oraz dyżur dr hab. Anny Sroki zostają odwołane
2018-03-05 10:17:39

W dniu 6.03.2018 r. zajęcia oraz dyżur dr hab. Anny Sroki zostają odwołane

Dyżur dr. hab. Sebastiana Kozłowskiego zaplanowany na czwartek 8 marca
2018-03-05 09:12:56

Dyżur dr. hab. Sebastiana Kozłowskiego zaplanowany na czwartek 8 marca, godz. 11:30 wyjątkowo będzie przesunięty na godzinę 16:45.

Uwaga Wykładowcy i Studenci II roku politologii zaocznej!!!
2018-03-02 08:20:34

Od 3 marca zajęcia będą się odbywały w sali 219 ul. Nowy Świat 69. Jest to rezultat prośby Studentów.

Zmiana terminu dyżurów dr J. Otto
2018-03-02 07:32:02
Od 6 marca dyżury Kierownika Politologii we wtorki w godz. 11.00-12.30!
Od przyszłego tygodnia następuje stała zmiana terminu dyżurów administracyjnych Kierownika Politologii. Dyżury dr J. Otto będą się odbywały we wtorki w godz. 11.00-12.30 w sali 125 Collegium Politicum (wejście B).
Dyżur dr doc.Marka Nadolskiego odwołany
2018-03-01 06:22:02

Dyżur dr doc.Marka Nadolskiego w dniu 1 marca 2018 roku zostaje odwołany z powodu choroby.

2018-2019 Regional Academy on the United Nations - Call for Applications
2018-03-01 06:21:22

Deadline for applications: March 31th, 2018


2018-2019 RAUN Theme:

“Innovations for Development: Towards Peaceful, Sustainable and Inclusive Societies”


The Regional Academy on the United Nations (RAUN) is an international, multi-disciplinary education program that brings together UN Agencies and outstanding, international students and young scholars, who – in the course of nine months and as part of small teams – attend lectures and interactive workshops and conduct hands-on research projects of relevance for the Agencies. RAUN’s aim is to provide participants with in-depth knowledge and resources about the UN and their functions, to raise their cultural awareness and openness, and to offer a forum for networking and academic exchange. Since its creation in 2012, RAUN has trained over 200 young scholars from more than 40 nationalities.

The academy follows a unique format combining lectures and interactive workshops with practical hands-on-experiences. The program consists of three sessions per academic year (May until January), which take place in different participating countries (Slovakia, Hungary, and Austria). All courses are given by high-ranking experts and practitioners who share their rich experience with participants in an informal setting.

Apart from course-work during the sessions, participants work on research projects in close cooperation with different UN agencies and other international organizations on topics of global relevance, such as peace and security, international development, human rights, environmental issues, and the United Nations in the 21st century. Through their group work, participants are able to develop their academic research skills and to form strong networks with like-minded peers, academics, and experts from various fields in an environment that fosters diversity, cultural learning, and understanding. During the program, participants get the opportunity to visit UN institutions in Vienna as well as Permanent Missions and Embassies in other countries. The results of the research projects will be presented during the final RAUN session at the UN Headquarters in Vienna in January 2019. At the end of the program, participants receive certificates of successful completion of the Academy.


2018-2019 RAUN Theme:

Innovations for Development: Towards Peaceful, Sustainable, and Inclusive Societies


Session venues and dates:

Bratislava/Vienna: 9-11 May 2018

Prague: 11-13 September 2018

Vienna: 15-18 January 2019 (tbc)


Contact and application

For detailed information about the Academy and the conditions to participate please visit www.ra-un.org or contact us at info@ra-un.org.

RAUN is accredited by different university departments and academic institutions, among others by the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Vienna, the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences of Comenius University, and the Central European University Global Policy Academy.

Lithuanian State Scholarships | DEADLINE - MARCH 1
2018-03-01 06:19:27

Dear Partner,

We are happy to inform that recently a Call for Lithuanian State scholarships has been announced  for 2018/2019 academic year and your university‘s students are eligible to apply untill 1st of March 2018
We kindly ask you to disseminate this possibility to your students and in such a way to facilitate students mobility under existing bilateral  (cooperation or student exchange) agreements between our Universities.

The scholarship is named as Short term (1-2 semesters) studieshttp://stipendijos.lt/en/the-call-for-applications-for-2018-2019-short-term-studies-is-now-open-1

Scholarships for short-term studies in Lithuania (excluding Lithuanian studiesoffered for candidates who are the students of higher education institutions of the following countries:


No of scholarships

The Eastern Partnership countries


Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia

ASEM countries

Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei, the Philippines, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Cambodia, China, South Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Pakistan, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam

Lithuania priority export market countries

Sweden, Germany, Norway, Finland, the United Kingdom, France, Poland, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Latvia, Estonia, the USA, Israel

Students who apply for 1 or 2 semester studies to MRU from your University  with at least B2 level of English language proficiency (according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) are ELIGIBLE TO APPLY FOR THIS SCHOLARHIPS.

  1.             FINANCIAL PROVISIONS of the State Scholarship
  • Candidates approved for the short–term studies will receive a monthly scholarship of approx. 380 EUR. For a period of studies according to academic calendar at MRU (Autumn semester - from 27 August, 2018 till  27 January, 2019  OR Spring semester – from  28 January, 2019 till 30 June, 2019   OR for all academic year – from 27 August, 2018 till  30 June, 2019) The scholarship is intended to cover the scholarship holder’s expenses only. Additional amount for accompanying partners or family is not provided. Lithuanian state scholarships cannot be double funded from other sources, e.g. other scholarships or other academic exchange programmes.
  • Tuition fee for studies will be covered by the Republic of Lithuania and directly transferred to the higher education institution.
  • The maximum amount of the tuition fee will be determined by the normative costs that are approved by the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania.
  • Any other fees such as a student union fee, a library membership fee, etc. shall be paid by the scholarship holder.
  • Travel and accommodation costs shall be covered by the scholarship holder.
  1.             REQUIRED DOCUMENTS to apply for State scholarship

The candidates must provide the copies of the listed documents through online application system:

  1. Completed application form (throughonline application system);
  2. The Conditional Agreement for Studies (the form must be added to the application form as an attachment using this template form- it must be completely filled in and signed by three parties: candidate, a responsible person at the sending and receiving institutions). Recommendations for filling out the Conditional Agreement;);     of course, we WILL HELP your students who apply as exchange or free-mover (visiting) student to MRU to complete this conditional agreement for studies.
  3. One recommendation letter filled and signed by a professor or other academic staff, tutor or employer (provided through online application system or added to the application form as an attachment using this template form).
  4. Certificate of proficiency in English or Lithuanian (or another language required by the host institution). TOEFL, IELTS, CPE or other widely recognized exams of English proficiency are acceptable. If the candidate does not hold any of those certificates, then a signed letter confirming the proficiency in the language from the home university’s professor of English or Lithuanian is also acceptable.

Required additional documents must be completed in English or Lithuanian language only (or with certified translations into one of these languages).


Deadline for the online application submission is 1st of March, 2018Regarding additional documents - please add all required documents to the application form through online application system. Online application system will be closed at 11.59 p.m. Central European time (GMT+1) on the 1st March, 2018. 

2nd of May, 2018 – e-mail notification will be sent regarding the results of all short-term studies in Lithuania.

Please share this information with your University students and encourage them to take part in international exchanges between your University and Mykolas Romeris University.  All information about exchange studies at Mykolas Romeris University are on our web-site: http://www.mruni.eu/en/prospective_students/erasmus/

If you or your students have any questions about application procedure (for exchange studies at MRU and for a Lithuanian State scholarship), do not hesitate to contact us by e-mails: incoming@mruni.eu (coordinator of incoming students) or erasmus@mruni.eu  (international mobility office of MRU) .

Looking forward to welcoming your students as soon as in Autumn of 2018/2019 at Mykolas Romeris University!



Inesa Cvetkova | Senior Manager of Incoming Students

Tarptautiškumo tarnyba | International Office

Mykolo Romerio universitetas | Mykolas Romeris University | LT VILNIUS06

Ateities g. 20, LT-08303 Vilnius

E-mail: incoming@mruni.eu

Darbuotojų kontaktai // Contacts of Staff Members

Tarptautiškumo tarnybos naujienos // International Office announcements

Zostań dyplomatą!
2018-03-01 06:17:52

Ministerstwo Spraw Zagranicznych rozpoczęło nabór na aplikację dyplomatyczno-konsularną 2018, która przygotowuje do pracy w polskiej dyplomacji.

Uczestnicy aplikacji zostaną zatrudnieni w MSZ na czas określony 1 roku.  Po jej ukończeniu i  zdaniu egzaminu uzyskają stopień dyplomatyczny oraz podejmą obowiązki członka służby zagranicznej. Absolwenci aplikacji zostaną skierowani do pracy w placówkach zagranicznych RP. Aplikacja dyplomatyczno-konsularna to początek kariery w MSZ!


Wymagania dla Kandydatów: http://www.msz.gov.pl/adk

Rozporządzenia regulującego przebieg konkursu: http://isap.sejm.gov.pl/DetailsServlet?id=WDU20160001175&min=1

Wymagane dokumenty, dane kontaktowe znajdują się na stronach:




Termin składania dokumentów upływa 16 marca 2018 r.

Zmiana terminu dyżuru
2018-02-28 08:06:40

Szanowni Panstwo, chcialbym zglosic zmiane terminu dyzuru ze srody na piatek 13:15-14:45. Pozdrawiam, Daniel Mider

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