PHD Studies in Political Science

Welcome to the University of Warsaw, Institute of Political Science!

We invite You to a unique experience to graduates, including the opportunity to work with leading academics in the place with long history of substantial research. Our program is designed to develop outstanding scholars for careers in research and teaching at leading academic institutions throughout the world. If you’re prepared to embark on a challenging, focused, and meaningful experience, we invite you to explore the possibilities in our PhD Program - ADVANCED GOVERNANCE AND SECURITY STUDIES.

The mission of the Advanced Governance and  Security Studies Ph.D. program is to  provide students with the analytical skills and substantive knowledge needed to both generate and evaluate research in political science (Governance Studies, European Studies, Social Policy Studies, Security Studies). Our Ph.D. program signifies theoretical, methodological, and substantive expertise in various topics of political significance, as well as the research and communication skills necessary for productive scholarship.

The degree indicates that the recipient has acquired extensive knowledge in at least two fields – Political Science and Security Studies. The degree indicates that its holder has obtained the analytical and methodological skills to design and conduct original research of the highest quality. It further certifies that its holder has the written and oral communication skills necessary to engage with debates at the leading edge of the field. Doctoral-level seminars taken during coursework are designed to familiarize students with the scholarly literature in at least two fields of study. Students gain a broad understanding of the development and major topics of research within these fields, as well as expertise in several more specialized areas.

Our doctoral students write dissertations that consist of rigorous original research that contribute to our understanding of a topic of empirical importance and theoretical significance to the field of political science. Once a dissertation of high quality is complete, there is a dissertation defense at which the student presents the results of his or her research and is questioned about the implications of the work for the field of political science by the dissertation committee.

Program in English

Form of study: full time/paid studies

Discipline: Political Science and Security Studies

1. Letter of Application
2. A statement of payments - scholarship/ self-funded – 4.000 Euro per year (First year 4.000 + 200 Euro)
3. Bachelor’s Diploma and Transcripts of Records
4. Master’s Diploma and Transcripts of Records
5. Dissertation Prospectus -  an approximately 5-page statement from the student, which, as appropriate, may either present a potential research question for the dissertation, or set forth alternative possible research questions for consideration and development.
6. Confirmed information about scientific participation – conferences, organizations, grants, publications
7. Letter of Acceptance (tutoring and supervising) from Professor of our Faculty
8. CV
9. Personal Data Form
10. Copy of Passport

All documents should be in English or in Polish language.

Detailed Program of Studies 2015/2016

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