Statutory research

Topic: Turkish politics in comparative perspective. Analysis of the case of de-democratisation.

Duration: July-December 2017

Participants in the project – members of the research team are a dozen or so individuals being members of the Research Group on the Contemporary Turkey (among others: Prof. Adam Szymański, Aleksandra Gasztold, PhD, Özgür Soner, MA and Karol Wasilewski, MA) as well as Şenol Özaydın, PhD student from the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies

Brief description of the project:

Comparative analysis of the politics of Turkey as well as states from Central and Eastern Europe is the subject of many works of the Western and Turkish scholars. However, there is a lack of this type of in-depth analyses in Poland. Implementation of the project is the unique Polish contrubution to this type of research, both in the case of the empirical comparative studies and refining of the theoretical concept of de-democratization, with the fully innovative aspect of the impact of this process on the foreign policy of states. The selected team – part of the Research Group on Contemporary Turkey from the Institute of Political Science and Institute of International Relations, University of Warsaw, suits the undertaking perfectly.

Within the research project the following activities will be implemented:

  1. Initial activities – preparing the Internet website in two language versions (to be used by the Research Group on Contemporary Turkey also within further undertakings) and the bibliographic database on the Turkish politics in selected areas, with the focus on the comparative analysis
  2. Conceptualisation and working out the theoretical framework of the analysis
  3. Preparing the on-line publication – working paper, in the Polish and English version, initiating the series of comparative analyses, which will be the basis for preparing the articles to be submitted to the journals in English from the list A.