About the Graduate Programme in Political Science

Graduate Programme in Political Science (former Master's Degree Studies in Political Science) is addressed to persons with a Bachelor's degree awarded upon completion of a Bachelor's degree program (undergraduate studies) in Poland or elsewhere. They are second-cycle full-time graduate studies (Master). The language of tuition is English.


The courses within the studies are both theoretical and practical (as "Political Communication" based on simulations and games). Our students are the multicultural group from different countries and continents. We teach also diplomats from foreign embassies - the fact that proves the high quality of our studies. Our students apart from regular courses take part actively in the academic life, participating in different political science associations; conferences, debates and lectures of distinguished guests from all over the world invited often by our university as well as social events. Thanks to knowledge and skills developed during our studies they win scholarships and awards within different competitions, e.g. for the best foreign students in Poland, as our student Anna Sugiyama from Japan (http://www.perspektywy.pl/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=3568&Itemid=1, in Polish).

The graduates will acquire in the intellectual qualifications necessary for analysing political problems from an international perspective. Thanks to skill building activities provided during course, they will be well trained in the art of communication, negotiation and persuasion. The particular emphasis is placed on issues concerning the European integration as well as Poland and East Europe.

The graduates will be fully qualified to take up the posts of analysts and specialists in public administration, universities, national or international institutions and organizations, and companies operating in international markets. One of our first graduates is already a lecturer within our studies!

The course lasts two years. In order to receive the Master's degree (official title, in Polish Magister), the graduates will be required to write a Master's thesis and pass the examination.

Studies authorities:

Head of studies:
Prof. Adam Szymański
E-mail: ar.szymanski@uw.edu.pl

Office hours and venue:
Tuesday 13.30-15.00
Room no. 125
Collegium Politicum
Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28

Program council:
Prof. Stanisław Sulowski
Prof. Konstanty Adam Wojtaszczyk
Prof. Stanisław Filipowicz