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Renata Mie�kowska-Norkiene


Renata Mie�kowska-Norkiene - political scientist, sociologist (former consultant, TV producer, financial planner), living in Warsaw and Vilnius; she is an assistant professor at the University of Warsaw; Renata has a great experience in managing international projects as well as obtaining funding for their realization; two main scientific fields of interests of Renata are: European integration and conflict management; Renata spent some time at University of Vilnius, Liechtenstein-Institut, EURAC European Academy, London School of Economics and Political Science and SciencePo in Paris; Renata spent 5 months in the European Commission; Renata speaks fluently 4 languages (Polish, English, German, Lithuanian) and well 2 others (French and Russian); Renata cooperates with numerous scientific journals (as a reviewer), NGOs (as a member of Program Councils) and TV programs (as a commenting expert); Renata's passion is inspiring societies of Poland and Lithuania to strengthen public debate on openness, tolerance and voluntarism; she strives for this by lecturing, conducting research and leading an NGO. Renata's hobby is philosophy, criminology and cars.

Selected research projects:

  • R. Mie�kowska-Norkiene, Efficiency of Co-ordination of the EU policies in Poland - theoretical and practical aspects, Warsaw 2013; project financed by the University of Warsaw, co-financed by the Ministry of Science
  • R. Mie�kowska-Norkiene, Conflicts in Politics, Warsaw 2012; project financed by the University of Warsaw, co-financed by the Ministry of Science
  • R. Mie�kowska-Norkiene, Changed role of the Presidency of the European Union after the entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon, Warsaw 2010; project financed by the Ministry of Science (National Centre of Science)
  • Contractor: A. Rothert, Governance in Transnational Space, Warsaw 2011-2013 (participation in the project)
  • Contractor: KA Wojtaszczyk, Modernization of the European Union, Warsaw 2007 (participation in the project)
  • Contractor: KA Wojtaszczyk, Dilemmas of modernization of the European Union, Warsaw 2007 (participation in the project)
  • Contractor: KA Wojtaszczyk, Institutional dimension of European integration, Warsaw 2007 (participation in the project)
  • Contractor: A. Skrzypek, Eastern Flanks of Europe, European Union, Warsaw 2006 (participation in the project)
  • Contractor: KA Wojtaszczyk, Jean Monnet Chair Ad Personam, Understanding and teaching the Evolving European Union (participation in the project)

Selected publications:

  • R. Mie�kowska-Norkiene, Efficiency of the EU policies in Poland. Theoretical model, evaluation and reccommendations, Warsaw 2013
  • R. Mie�kowska-Norkiene, End of the Multi-level Governance concept in the EU research?, in: A. Rothert (ed.), Multi-level and Transnational Governance, Warsaw 2013
  • R. Mie�kowska-Norkiene, Herman van Rompuy - leader for a crisis, in: J.Miecznikowska (ed.), European politicians of the 21. century, Warsawa2013,� p. 375-390
  • R. Mie�kowska-Norkiene, The Limited Role of the Council Presidency After Lisbon - Much Ado About Nothing?, Yearbook of Polish European Studies 15/2013
  • R. Mie�kowska-Norkiene, A. Wr�blewska �A. Zi�ba, P. Kap�a�ski, P. Zarzycki Application of Semantic Knowledge Management System in Specific Areas of Polish Public Administration, Conference TIAPISZ 2012 materials, Warsaw 2012
  • R. Mie�kowska-Norkiene (ed.), The Changed Role of the Presidency of the EU after entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon, Warsaw 2012 (scientific coordination and authorship of 7 of 11 chapters of the book)
  • R. Mienkowska-Norkiene, Problem of democratic procedures in implementation of the EU policies in the Member States, in: J.Szyma�ska, K.A. Wojtaszczyk (eds.), Democratic deficit in the European Union, Warsaw 2012, pp.277-297
  • R. Mie�kowska-Norkiene, Transnational conflicts. Case study of the European Union, Political Science Studies 23/2012, pp. 348-367
  • R. Mie�kowska-Norkiene, Inequality in Divorce Mediation-Reasons, Manifestations and Ways to Avoid it. Lessons for Lithuania, Social Work, 2012, 11 (1), pp. 119-130
  • R. Mie�kowska-Norkiene, Primus and lazy. Evaluation of Polish MEPs, European Perspectives September 2012
  • R. Mie�kowska-Norkiene, European Union policy in the field of research and technological development, in: M. Pobo�y, sectoral policies of the European Union, ASPRA-JR, Warsaw 2010
  • R. Mie�kowska-Norkiene, Modernization of EU goals, rules and values as a starting point of the EU Modernization in: K. A. Wojtaszczyk, Modernization of the European Union, Warsaw 2011
  • R. Mie�kowska-Norkiene, Methodological challenges of researching gender equality policy of the EU, "European Review" 1(20)2010, pp.38-53.
  • R. Mie�kowska-Norkiene, E. Kavoliunaite, Lithuania, in: Gagatek W. (ed.) The 2009 European Parliament Elections - Country Reports, Florence: European Union Democracy Observatory, 2010-02-08
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  • R. Mie�kowska-Norkiene, European Civil Service Tribunal and Responsibility of Civil Servants, in: A. Sroka, Responsibility in the European Union, ASPRA JR, Warsaw 2010
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  • R. Mie�kowska, Preparation of the Polish Administration to Cooperation with the European Commission in: Wojtaszczyk KA (ed.), Poland in the EU Institutional System Legitimization issues, Warsaw 2007, ISBN 978-83-7545-090-3, pp.75-109
  • R. Mie�kowska, A Few Thoughts on Mediation in Lithuania, Newsletter of the European Forum for Restorative Justice, Vol. 8, Issue 3, December 2007, also available at: (in English)
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