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Wojciech Gagatek 


MA in Political Science (2004) and Law (2006) at University of Warsaw; PhD in Social and Political Science at European University Institute in Florence (2008). Expert and collaborator at Observatory on Political Parties and Representation (OPPR), a part of European Union Democracy Observatory (EUDO) in Florence. Stipendist of the Program of scientific exchange between Switzerland and new Member States of the EU (Sciex-NMSch) financed by the Conference of Rectors of Swiss Universities (CRUS). Member of the International Political Science Association (IPSA). Author of analyses and reports for the European Commission, European Parliament and Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Main research areas: political system of the EU (in particular European Parliament), democracy and political representation in the EU, political parties at the European level, comparative analysis of political systems, methodology in social research.

Speaks English, French, German and Italian. Likes swimming and skiing, loves playing guitar and singing.

Selected publications:
"Place and role of subject of EU policy in the European Studies didactics", European Review 1(24)/2012, p. 65-82. ("Miejsce i rola przedmiotu polityki Unii Europejskiej w dydaktyce europeistyki", Przegląd Europejski 1(24)/2012, s. 65-82).
"The Treaty of Lisbon, the European Parliament Elections and Europarties: A New Playing Field for 2014?", Yearbook of Polish European Studies 14/2011, s. 201-218.
"Towards Policy-Seeking Europarties? The Development of European Political Foundations" (ze Stevenem Van Hecke), EUI Working Paper 58/2011, 24 s.
"Political Financing Regulation at the EU Level: The Conflict of National Traditions and Interests", University of Leiden, Working Paper Series on the Legal Regulation of Political Parties 14/2011, 37 s.


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Office hours: Tuesday, 14.30-15.30, Centre for Europe, Street: Al. Niepodległości 22, room 206A