Enrollment on Courses

Enrollment on Courses

Students themselves do not have to enroll on the obligatory courses. Having been admitted, they are automatically placed on the lists before classes begin.
In case of the optional subjects and Bachelor’s Degree Seminar, students should enroll during the first class.

Evaluation system

In case of lectures and seminars students receive marks. The system (local and ECTS marks) is presented below:

Local marks Local definition ECTS marks
5 Very good A
4+ Better than good B
4 Good C
3+ Better than satisfactory D
3 Satisfactory E
2 Unsatisfactory F/X

Requirements for completion of courses

Students should meet some requirements to complete a course. Their scope depends on the number of ECTS points to be obtained.

Generally, students should attend a course regularly (the general rule is that they can be absent twice per semester) and be active during it. They must prepare an essay, presentation, etc. to obtain credit/grade. Exams can be oral or written.

However, the detailed requirements are defined by each lecturer individually.

Bachelor’s Degree

In order to receive the Bachelor’s degree, students will be required to write a Bachelor’s thesis and pass the examination.

At the beginning of the third year students have to choose their BA thesis supervisor. They attend their BA seminar for two semesters. They learn how to write the BA thesis and consult their supervisors about the subject and plan of the thesis, its content and literature.

When all the courses and BA thesis are completed, the graduates have to pass the final examination. During the examination they defend their BA thesis. Questions are asked by the commission of 3 persons – the chairman of the commission as well as the supervisor and reviewer of the BA thesis. The graduates receive two marks – for the thesis and for the examination.

BA thesis and its defense – some information

Due to your BA thesis defense we kindly inform about few steps that have to be taken in preparation to this event.

  1. You work only with your supervisor until the final version of your thesis, accepted by your supervisor, is not ready.
  1. The final version of your thesis – some details:
    The final version of your thesis should be printed in 3 copies – one copy for your supervisor, one copy for the reviewer (in these cases one-sided printing is required) and one copy to your files (in this case two-sided printing is required) – this copy you bring to the studies office (Nowy Świat 69, room 212, 2nd floor) with the electronic version on CD both in Word and pdf file. All copies should have signature of acceptance from the supervisor, all should be bounded in simple plastic cover.
    The required number of pages – about 40-50 pages.
    The sample of first three pages you can receive in our office. The first page is not numbered, the second page is with number 2.
    Apart from three first pages the thesis should include: table of content, introduction, main part of thesis divided into chapters and conclusion as well as literature at the end.
    Technical requirements:
    Font 12 (Footnotes 10), Times New Roman or Arial or similar
    Spaces between lines – 1,5.
    Indentation of each paragraph – 1,25 cm
    Margins – 2,5 cm each, 0,5 cm additionally on the left side (needed for cover of the thesis)

3. Apart from submitting the BA thesis to the studies office, you have to fulfill certain conditions, i.e. you have to:

  1. Return your student ID
  2. Pay for Polish diploma, transferring 60 PLN to our account – the one for tuition fee (40 PLN additionally for the English version)
  3. Submit 5 photographs (4,5cm x 6,5cm)
  4. Submit statement from University’s Main Library that you don’t have any books on your account (ul. Dobra 56/66)
  5. Submit statement from the Faculty’s Library that you don’t have any books on your account (ul. Nowy Świat 69) – it does not matter that you did not use this library, this requirement must be fulfilled as well
  6. Submit statement that you don’t want the English version of the diploma – if this is your case
  7. Submit confirmation of payment if you did not meet the deadline of defense of your thesis
  8. Submit information about the date of the defense as well as the composition of the commission (name of reviewer and chairman of the commission)

You should submit your thesis at least two weeks before the defense of your thesis – this time is needed for studies’ administration to prepare the documents for the defense as well as for a reviewer to read your thesis.

Defense of BA thesis
The commission which is present during your defense of BA thesis consists of 3 three persons:

  1. Supervisor
  2. Reviewer
  3. Chairmen of the commission

It is possible that the supervisor is a chairman of the commission.

You receive three questions (the first question concerns the thesis, the other two questions are more general, but the second one can be connected with the subject of your thesis) and choose two of them. You answer these questions right after choosing them, i.e. there is no extra time for preparing the answers.

The assessment
Your BA thesis is assessed separately from the assessment of your defense. You receive two grades then – one for BA thesis and one for its defense which is actually the final exam before receiving the Bachelor’s degree.

The final grade in your diploma is an average from 3 grades:

    1. Average grade from your studies (70% of your final grade)
    2. Grade from your BA thesis (20% of your final grade)
    3. Grade from your defense (10% of your final grade)

The most important grade for your final grade is the studies average grade then.