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Academic Staff

Lectures and classes in the framework of the Undergraduate Programme in Political Science are delivered by outstanding scholars.

The academic staff consists first of all of lecturers from the Institute of Political Science. It is an exceptional team of scholars who have had a long experience in teaching at the Polish universities, mainly in Warsaw. They also deliver lectures as visiting professors at many universities abroad. They do research on many interesting subjects, e.g. Poland and Germany in the EU, political parties’ system and constitutional system in Poland, parliamentary system in Central East Europe countries, European integration, Western democracies, Balkan states and transformation in the states of Central Asia and Transcaucasus, very often in co-operation with other European universities. They also prepare expert opinions for many Polish and foreign public institutions, working on the projects of the new Polish laws and commenting on the current political events.

Scholars with the same high qualifications from other institutes of the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies (e.g. from the Institute of International Relations) are involved in the Program as well. Lectures are also delivered by visiting professors from the different prestigious foreign universities as well as by diplomats, e.g. former ministers of foreign affairs or ambassadors.