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Amanda Dziubińska



Political scientist, graduated from the University of Warsaw, the Institute of Political Science. Researcher in the Center of French Culture and Francophone Studies (OKFiSF). She served an internship at the Institute of Public Affairs (ISP) in which she was involved in the monitoring of local elections and drafting post-election analysis. Foreign exchange student at Paris Institute of Political Studies (SciencesPo). Her research interests are focused on modern constitutional thought, systems of government in comparative perspective, as well as electoral manipulation and voting behaviour. She is preparing a doctoral thesis devoted to constitutional justice in France at the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies at the University of Warsaw. The result of post-election analysis conducted by her research group was published in: Dziubińska A., Drabarek E., Zyśk D., Gałuszko K., Ołdakowski M., Młodzi w wyborach samorządowych 2014, In: Itrich-Drabarek J., Borowska E., Morawski A., edited by Przastek D., Samorząd terytorialny w Polsce – reforma czy kontynuacja?, Warsaw 2015. Member of the Polish Political Science Association (PTNP), in 2016 – 2017 also a member of the International Association for Political Science Students. Leader of workshops and training courses on public speaking and the art of argumentation. Coach of the 1st Interdisciplinary Congress of the Academic Scientific Movement IKONA, co-organized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Also involved in the work of the university groups appointed to ensure the quality of education.